Jeremy Rose


HAYBABYBAND.COM [forthcoming]

This artist client needed a simple, navigable page to aggregate media from a variety of sources and encourage visitors to connect via social media. Mobile optimization is particularly emphasized because of the expected visitor demographic.

  • Page colors shift dynamically
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Social media engagement emphasized
  • Designed to be easily updated by client


This artist client chose to emphasize a concise but thorough electronic press kit -- intended to quickly make an impact on performance venues and press -- with a gentler, less boastful "front door" to greet general visitors.

  • Press kit places essential content on single page, with highest impact above the fold
  • "Front door" site encourages engagement with broader content and social media integration

QUIETZINE.COM [2002-2013]

Intended as an online compliment to a print "zine," this long-lived site existed in various iterations as the audience's online behaviors shifted with the rapidly-changing internet. Originally simply a catalog of zine pages and show photos, the site shifted in 2004 to a phpBB forum with highly customized graphical themes. As social media rendered older "Web 2.0" sites obsolete, quiet shifted to its current form, emphasizing long-form articles in a custom WordPress theme with a Facebook discussion engine.


This artist client wanted a very minimal site befitting their demeanor as performers. ("If we don't talk on stage, we probably shouldn't talk much on our website.") They also didn't have much to spend and wanted the page to use visual themes they'd already developed for their releases, so a simple page wordlessly aggregating the band's various media streams was the most effective solution.