Software Engineer

New York, New York

Professional Profile

An inventive, versatile software engineer with an extensive background in digital media. A longtime editor in human languages who adapts the same meticulous, audience-oriented approach to composition in programming languages, with a focus on communication and usability.


Moda Reader

A sleek reader view template powered by via API by the Daisywheel CMS (see below).

Daisywheel CMS

Inspired by experiences on the editorial side of content management systems, Daisywheel offers editors a straightforward, tactile interface for both creating content and configuring how it will be served to readers.


Repertoire is a portfolio management tool built to enable working musicians to highlight their professional experiences.

Astral Plan

Astral Plan enables users to create and customize their own model star systems, complete with planets and moons. Built in collaboration with Jane Cogger and Winston White.


OpenFridge is designed to help users easily find recipes to cook at home based on the ingredients they have on hand. Built in collaboration with Andrew Kim and Jowel Rosario with UX design by Jessica Chin and Richard Lam.


Resume:   PDF file (47.5kb)